July 23

Prompt No. 1

What does it mean to escape?

You have two main options here–you can write a poetic description (in a poem) of what you think is happening in the image–how the person on the bike feels, where this photo was taken, and so on. OR, if you want to think about a story, think about the word ‘escape’ and what it means in terms of what you see happening in the image. What are some of the different ways you can escape?

Good luck–please feel free to post drafts of your work here so that you can get some feedback.

Happy writing!

Mr H.

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24 thoughts on “Prompt No. 1

        1. Mr H (Post author)

          Hi Thomas, if your teacher has added you should be able to write a Post, which is how drafts of your writing should be published on this site. Please let me or your teacher know if you are still having trouble this week. Cheers
          Mr H.

  1. poppyjacobson

    this is my first draft.
    I’m a girl. A normal every day, happy girl.
    I wish I could say that, but the truth is I’m abnormal, or at least I feel like it. I feel like I have two personalities, two very different personalities. I want to escape to a world, a world where I can truly be me, a world were the two me’s can come together to create one beautiful, loving, caring, smart, exciting funny girl. Here’s another truth, that’s impossible. I have things I like, things that make the sun shine brighter, but they don’t help not even my adored turtle toy’s help. I would travel the world to find a place where I can truly escape, a place where I can explore myself to find my true personality. A place I can call home.
    By Poppy Jacobson.

  2. thomash09

    Johnson Claranson was a very sensible person. He was the leader of a major fuel company in Australia. He started work a twenty-one years old and spent his entire childhood working up to it. He knew nothing of excitement. But after twenty-four years on hard work, his inner child and young adult was trying to escape, trying to find the fun he’d never had. It started to interrupt his work until one day, so distracted by his longing for a change, for excitement that he accidently drove off a bridge. But when the police searched the scene, there was nothing there…

    I have more, about him being transported to a magical new world.
    Please give me some feedback.

  3. thomash09

    Johnson had been magically transporting to a new world by his longing of excitement, his inner child had escaped. When he appeared, the first thing he noticed was that was actually excited for something. Then he noticed that he was a CHILD!! After getting over this fact he finally looked around. He was at the edge of what could only be describe as chaos. A GIGANTIC playground full of playing kids stretched out in front of him. One boy came over.
    “Are you new? What’s your name? Do you want to play?”
    “I’m… Johnson.”
    “Well that’s a boring name. Your name is Jonny now. Come play!”
    Jonny was just about to when a voice inside his head said: No! You must get back to work!
    “What’s work?” asked the little boy. Jonny hadn’t realised that he had spoken out loud.
    “Never mind.” Jonny said. “Let’s go play.”

    It was getting dark. The children were finding places in the playground to sleep. Jonny was trying to sleep in a flat bit in a slide with his friend Joseph. As he was trying to sleep, his mind kept returning to the question: how to get back to where he was from? He resolved to find a way back in the morning, assuming he didn’t get distracted again…

    That’s all I’ll do for now, please give feedback!


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